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Supplier diversity ('inclusive procurement')

Supplier diversity refers to the intentional inclusion of diverse suppliers in procurement and supply chain processes. It’s about looking for suppliers outside our current networks so there is equitable access to procurement opportunities.

Employer recommendations

➖ Review existing suppliers to establish a baseline and future goals. An established baseline determines the current diversity among your suppliers, as well as the amount paid to each. From here, you can set focus targets, goals, and monitor progress.

➖Clearly define your D&I supply chain policy and tracking mechanisms.

➖Identify mechanisms and resources for identifying and contracting diverse suppliers. By using robust supplier databases and community partnerships, you will have a wider reach to forge partnerships with diverse suppliers. Collaborate and drive partnerships with diverse business organisations, supplier diversity advocacy groups, and industry associations to help facilitate the identification and engagement of diverse suppliers. CIPD has identified sources of connection to UK Diverse Business and directories of ethnic minority led businesses in this guide.

➖Provide support and resources to suppliers.

➖Leverage compliance technology during the supplier onboarding process to hold your organisation accountable to its supplier-diversity commitments.

➖Track and measure the impact of supplier diversity efforts - celebrate and share success.

EDF Energy, InterEngineering and Stonewall hosted a workshop with the aim to bring together representatives from members of the engineering community (including; EDF Energy, InterEngineering, Stonewall, Airbus, Atkins, Babcock, Hays, Amec Foster Wheeler, Jaguar Land Rover and Betchel), to discuss and collaborate on best practice in ‘Linking Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) into Supply Chain’.

HS2’s suppliers must submit a detailed plan on how they approach diversity. “By building this explicitly into our procurement and contract management approach, we are providing the platform for organisations to broaden the talent we are bringing into the sector,” says Mark Lomas, former Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at HS2. 

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