D&I governance

An effective framework for governance, accountability and monitoring, evaluation and learning are key enablers for the success of a D&I strategy.

Employer recommendations

➖Establish an executive D&I/DEI council which aims to (recommendations from Gartner):

  • Provide strategic guidance and cross-function insight to DEI functional strategy by aligning DEI strategy to the overall business strategy
  • Drive individual leader accountability by contextualizing organizational DEI strategies.
  • Achieve employee buy-in and satisfaction by communicating with employees and ERGs about the presence and achievements of the executive DEI council, increasing its effectiveness.

➖ An executive D&I/DEI council should hold Executive Directors accountable against targets with timely and granular management information, which is linked to their reward.

An executive D&I/DEI council should ensure managers are held accountable by leadership against expectations and be linked to their performance rating.

'If you’re a board member, you have an essential role to play in D&I governance. You should make sure there is action and change that employees can see and feel. You should be asking your CEO questions about:

  • The current experience and representation of non-white groups.
  • Their leadership on the D&I strategy and goals.
  • Their visibility to employees and the community regarding these matters.
  • The progress the company is making on D&I goals'. 5 Strategies to Infuse D&I into Your Organization, HBR

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