7. Reports based on research

Reducing the gender pay gap and improving gender equality in organisations - eveidence-based actions for employers


Evidence-based ideas to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace cover

Diversity and Inclusion Efforts That Really Work

Government Equalities Office and the Behavourial Insights Team have produced a very helpful guide to help employers better understand their pay gap

Eight ways to understand your organisations gender pay gap cover


Gender equality route map - 8 steps to gender equality for employers

Overview of the 2021 Act Now Report recommendations:

1. Model and incentivize inclusive leadership.

  • ACTION 1. Increase your personal DEI expertise.

  • ACTION 2. Establish DEI as a business imperative.

2. Operationalize DEI throughout the business.

  • ACTION 3. Support DEI with funding, metrics, strategies, and accountability.

  • ACTION 4. Redesign systems, including hiring, retention, and promotion systems, to remove bias.

  • ACTION 5. Apply both a DEI framework and an ethical framework to the design of products and services.

3. Share DEI data, metrics, and goals.

  • ACTION 6. Support industry-wide DEI reporting standards and share anonymized data.

  • ACTION 7. Set public goals.

4. Transform pathways into tech for underrepresented talent.

  • ACTION 8. Advocate for computer science (CS) to be required in all schools.

  • ACTION 9. Build systems capacity to create more CS teachers at all levels, and invest in CS faculty within colleges of education.

  • ACTION 10. Invest in organizations that connect talent from underrepresented groups to tech careers. 

Reskilling: A business case for financial services organisations January 2022 (PDF)

Culture Amp 2022 report Workplace Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Report: Understanding the DEI____ landscape