2.1.4 New attraction channels

Use new platforms to actively target people from underrepresented groups.


Get involved with new networking groups and organisations to share role model stories from within the organisation, raise brand awareness and bring the organisation's diversity and inclusion messaging to life.


  • 'Advertise job listings with identity-based networks. For example, don’t just list job openings on the company website, reach out to groups that focus on underrepresented groups...take time to attend events that are focused on serving minority groups. Seek recommendations on which networks are community-serving and led by community leaders from a diverse group of people. Cultivating these networks means management can draw upon them to more effectively diversify the workplace' 'Your Social Network Isn’t Diverse Enough', Fortune, Dec 2019.

Emerging networking communities that host targeted events etc include the following:

Job boards


PwC has partnered with UKBlackTech, which aims to increase BAME representation in the industry and make the UK tech sector the most diverse globally. A major objective of the partnership is to inspire those from non-tech backgrounds (regardless of age or experience) to pursue tech careers. They have already jointly hosted Tech Insight and networking events across the country, giving access to role models and discussions on career opportunities in technology.

During the May 2022 DE&I Hackathon sponsored by signatories CWJobs, subject matter experts co-designed a new employer product on 'Using Data Led Tools to Attract Diverse Talent'.



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